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The Haemmerlin ALPHA POLY wheelbarrow comes with Haemmerlin’s renowned high density Polypropylene tray, which is very strong and robust, yet lightweight. The advantages of this tray is that it will never rust as it’s made of Polypropylene and it’s easy to clean after a good day of use.

The Alpha Poly comes with a 90 Ltr Yellow Polypropylene tray with a “European” pan style design.  

Equipped with the revolutionary ALPHA FRAME, which is unique to Haemmerlin. It has a tubular design forming a strong cradle at the front of the tray, but as importantly on the underside of the tray and features a welded joint in the centre of the framework to strengthen the whole structure. 

There are 2 wheel options: pneumatic and puncture free. It has Bi-material handle grips that give a comfortable feeling and are slip resistant.

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Name EAN Code Wheel Type
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ALPHA POLY 5013779001944 Puncture Free More info »