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Multi + 5 in 1


EAN Reference (Bar Code) 3172963427020.

Product Reference 739342702

This product is strictly for Domestic use only for use by one person not for trade use.
Before Use
  • 1. Please read and keep these safety instructions along with the header card from with the pack.
  • 2. Assemble the stabiliser bars on to the ends of the ladders using the 60mm bolts as detailed on the reverse of the header card.
  • 3. Please refer to all safety instructions on the header card.
When in use as a Ladder.
  • 4. To use ladders lean up against a solid surface and climb when secure please see generic ladder standards.
  • 5. Do not climb above the 7th rung always leave top 3 rungs above your feet.
When in use as a stepladder.

  • 6. Release the catch and fold down into a step ladder position. See Images Below.
  • 7. To ensure the catch is locked, fold down to less than 20 degrees and then open the angle up again to a wider angle you will hear a click as the hinge engages.
  • 8. Only use bottom 2 treads always leave 3 treads above your feet.
When in use as a trestle.
  • 9. To use as trestles form the ladder sections into 2 stepladders and then fix the platform at your required height using the 40mm bolts in the holes located in the stiles of the steps.
When in use as an Interior Tower

  • 10. Fold the 2 ladder sections down to form 2 double section 5 rung ladders.
  • 11. Maximum working height 3mtrs, Platform Height 0.89mtrs as per the graphic.
  • 12. Lay on their sides and attach two of the horizontal brace bars to the holes in the stiles of the ladders just above the stabiliser bars at the bottom on the inside ladder section.
  • 13. Stand the assembly upright and attach the diagonal brace bar using the 40mm bolts in the holes drilled in the stiles of the ladders.
  • 14. Attach the platform to this assembly on the inside stiles of the ladder using the pre- drilled holes and the 40mm bolts.
  • 15. The platform must be located no higher than between the 4th and 5th rungs.
When in use as an Exterior Tower.

  • 16. Open up the ladders to their full length.
  • 17. Maximum working height 3.9mtrs, maximum platform height 1.75mtrs as per graphic.
  • 18. Construct the tower on the ground and lift into place when completed.
  • 19. Lay on the floor and attach the horizontal brace bars using the 40mm bolts through the pre-drilled holes located just above the stabiliser bars.
  • 20. Attach the diagonal brace bars using the 40 mm bolts into the pre-drilled holes between the 4th and 5th and the 7th and 8th rungs. Please ensure that these brace bars are fitted the opposite way around on the opposing sides of the tower as per the images displayed on the header card.
  • 21. Fit the two remaining horizontal brace bars using the 40mm bolts to the top of the tower in the pre-drilled holes to act as hand rails.
  • 22. Fit the platform into the predrilled holes using the 40mm bolts between the 6th and 7th rungs.
  • 23. Lift the tower in the work position preferably using 2 men.
  • 24. It is imperative the platform is not engaged any higher than 1.75mtrs from the ground.
  • 25. Maximum load on the platform is 150kgs.
  • 26. One man operation on the tower only.
  • 27. Always climb the inside of the tower using the trapdoor provided.
  • 28. Attach the top of the tower to a solid fixed point.
  • 29. Scaffold must not be used by children and it is imperative they must be kept away.
  • 30. Do not lean or reach out of the tower.
  • 31. Do try to keep 3 points of contact when climbing or descending the tower.
  • 32. Always ensure you are wearing correct footwear with good non slip soles.

Please download these Safety Instructions.