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PL Scop


EAN No (Bar Code) 3172964139236,43,67

Product References 739413923,4,5

  • 1. Read the instruction on the underside of the platform and keep alongside these instructions.
  • 2. 150kgs maximum load on platform.
  • 3. Only suitable for single person use.
  • 4. Platform should always be in a horizontal position before use.
  • 5. Position alongside your place of work by holding the front of the unit utilising the rear wheels in order to assess the height you wish set the platform at.
  • 6. To adjust the height lift the front of the steps, undo the side catches and slide down the front section to achieve the height you require before re engaging the catches.
  • 7. To adjust the rear section, lift the back of the unit and repeat the previous procedure.
  • 8. If using on stairs place the back section on the stair and adjust the front section to level up the work platform.
  • 9. When using on stairs only access the platform by ascending the staircase (from below). Do not access the platform by descending the stairs (from above).
  • 10. When set at your required level climb on the lower treads and open the side safety rails.
  • 11. Climb on to the platform to lock the side safety rails into place using the levers at each side of the platform.
  • 12. Before commencing work turn around on the platform and fix the safety chains in place ensuring you have taken all tools, fixings and spares needed to commence work.
  • 13. Never work by straddling the unit always work from within the platform.
  • 14. For general moving and transporting the unit do so with the unit folded down utilising the wheels on the rear section.
  • 15. When not in use store in upright position ensuring the wheels are disengaged.

Please download these Safety Instructions.