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EAN Nos (bar code) 3172964139021,38,45,52,69,76

Product References 739413902,3,4,5,6,7

In Use
  • 1. Read the safety instructions on the underside of the platform and keep them along with these instructions.
  • 2. 150 kg maximum load on the unit.
  • 3. Only suitable for single person use.
  • 4. Open out the work platform unit until the platform is horizontal.
  • 5. Position the work platform alongside your work position by lifting the front of the steps and manoeuvring using the wheels on the rear section.
  • 6. On the larger units (5,6, &7treads) extend the outriggers by pulling out from the side of the unit and lowering by lifting the thumb catch and engaging with the ground.
  • 7. Climb the lower treads to enable you to open out the side safety rails.
  • 8. Continue to climb the steps on to the platform and lock the side safety rails with the levers located on either side.
  • 9. Before commencing work turn around on the platform and engage the safety chains ensuring you first have all the tools, fixings and spares you need to progress work.
  • 10. Never work by straddling the units always stay inside the platform.
  • 11. Before moving or relocating ensure there are no objects or personnel on or around the unit.
  • 12. For general moving and transporting the unit always lift the front and utilise the wheels at the rear.
  • 13. When not in use always store the unit upright ensuring the rear wheels are disengaged.

Please download these Safety Instructions.