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Quad UP


EAN No (bar code) 3172963467033

Product References 739346703

PLEASE NOTE. Due to the Danger of serious injury in the event of misuse all safety, assembly and user instructions must be read, understood and followed. All photos uses in the instructions are for illustration purposes only.

  • 1. These safety instructions must be read in conjunction with the safety labels on the product, the safety instructions on the underside of the platform and the details shown on the header card.
  • 2. Keep and store these instructions
  • 3. Ensure there is sufficient space to erect the tower on the ground.
  • 4. Make sure ground is clear and free of rubble.
  • 5. One person required to assemble and erect 4.7mtr tower.
  • 6. Assemble horizontally on the ground to ensure there is no danger of a fall from height during assembly.
  • 7. Maximum platform height 2.5mtrs.
  • 8. Ensure all brace bar clamps are engaged and fully locked.
  • 9. Following Assembly lift tower into place, Quad Up Tower can be a one man lift, Speed Up Tower is a two man lift.
  • 10. Tighten all clamps securely before each use.
  • 11. If using the Tower in the level adjustment or offset situation please ensure the ground under each ladder section is level.
  • 12. Do not assemble or use in strong winds above 18mph.
  • 13. Keep all children and pets away whist assembling, erecting and using tower.
  • 1. Always climb the inside of the tower utilising the trap door hatches.
  • 2. Attach the scaffold tower at the top to a solid fixed point.
  • 3. One person only to use the scaffold.
  • 4. Maximum load on platform 150 kg.
  • 5. Ensure all stabilisers are assembled, extended and locked in place on to tower corners before climbing.
  • 6. Do not climb scaffold until the stabilisers have properly been engaged.
  • 7. Scaffold not to be used by children and it is imperative they must be kept away kept away.
  • 8. Do not lean or reach out from the tower.
  • 9. Try to maintain three points of contact when ascending and descending the tower.
  • 10. Do ensure you are wearing correct footwear with good non slip soles when using tower.

You can view our videos showing the assembly of these towers by clicking on the following link, or going to the web address below.

Please download these Safety Instructions.