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EAN No (Bar code) 3172963468016

Product Reference 739346801

  • 1. Please read and keep these safety instructions.
  • 2. To open up the platform first undo the retaining strap.
  • 3. Unfold the unit so that the back is flat and the side frames are at right angles.
  • 4. Remove platforms by unclipping from back frame.
  • 5. Locate first on to the side frames and lock into position by engaging the clip on each end.
  • 6. Repeat the operation with second platform at either the same or a lower level and engage with clips.
  • 7. Under no circumstances use either of the platforms above the third rung in each side frame.
  • 8. Undo the brace bar and lock into place under the fourth rung.
  • 9. Manoeuvre into work position and ensure all four castors are locked before climbing on to platform.
  • 10. Please note 150kgs maximum load on platform.
  • 11. Only suitable for one person use.

Please download these Safety Instructions.