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Construction Equipment

Haemmerlin is most well known for its incredible range of wheelbarrows for the construction and building sector.

The following selection of construction tools and equipment adds value to our core range of wheelbarrows and gives us the opportunity to offer a more varied range to the trade.

These products are manufactured with the same quality standards and passion that Haemmerlin puts into their wheelbarrows. 

Name EAN Code
PROP 3155031601003 More info »
BUILDER'S TRESTLE 2-4 5013779001241 More info »
BUILDER'S TRESTLE 3-4 5013779000343 More info »
MIXING TRAY 5060083870179 More info »
GRASS GRID 5060083870674 More info »
DRAINAGE CHANNEL & GRID 5060083870667 More info »
HOPPER 3155031810207 More info »
RUBBISH CHUTE 3155031810108 More info »