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Gardening Equipment

Haemmerlin has a large selection of wheelbarrows for the gardening market. The following selection of gardening tools and equipment adds value to our core range of wheelbarrows and gives us the opportunity to offer a more varied range to the trade.

These products are manufactured with the same quality standards and passion that Haemmerlin puts into their wheelbarrows. 

Name EAN Code
HOSE REEL 85 M 3155034000117 More info »
HOSE REEL 110 M 3155034000100 More info »
LAWN ROLLER 3155034337268 More info »
DUSTBIN 85 Ltr 3155030704187 More info »
DUSTBIN 210 Ltr 5060083870421 More info »
H2GO BAG 5060080676194 More info »
BARROW BAG 5060080671021 More info »