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Wheelbarrow Wheels

Haemmerlin has a good selection of wheels for their magnificent wheelbarrows. Mainly there are three options of wheels: Pneumatic, Puncture Free and Solid. The 400 series are for Haemmerlin branded wheelbarrows and the 350 series for Chillington.

Name EAN Code
PW/400 Pneumatic Wheel 3155030901685 More info »
PFW/400 Puncture Free Wheel 3155030901487 More info »
SW/400 Solid Wheel 3155030901128 More info »
TPW/400 Twin Pneumatic Wheel 3155030901074 More info »
PW-350 Pneumatic Wheel 5013779001807 More info »
SW-350 Solid Wheel 5013779002125 More info »