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flexi up

Heavy gauge 90 Ltr

Heavy weight champion capable of carrying anything and everything that fits on top of the tray.    This creature has been designed for lifting, carrying or pushing enormous weight.

The most powerful wheelbarrow ever made comes equipped with genuine innovations from Haemmerlin.

The Flexi UP features a high endurance performance tray with a large 90 Ltr capacity that offers increased longevity and resists heavier loads.

In its pursuit of strength Haemmerlin has developed a radical frame with an ultra strong design featuring a reinforced all round tubular support that has been tested to withstand the heaviest of loads.          

The XXL pneumatic tyre provides an excellent ground holding capability and mobility through rough terrain. The extra wide tyre profile prevents it from sinking in muddy and sandy grounds.

Lifting and dumping heavy loads has never been easier thanks to the exceptional Flexi Up handle grips.

Name EAN Code Tray Wheels Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Flexi Up 305580501 90 Ltr Pneumatic 1450 680 610