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The Haemmerlin Colossus is a gigantic Premium Quality wheelbarrow as you can imagine by its name. It has the biggest tray in the market that Haemmerlin offers, it’s so immense you could have a bath in it! The two wheels give a perfect balance and make the carriage effortless.

The tray is Polypropylene to make it lighter with a huge 300 Ltr capacity in a powerful black colour. It mounts a superior tubular frame with an extended front tray support. The axle of the twin has been reinforced with a double layer of thick steel to stand and pass all that weight to the wheels.

The wheels are pneumatic with an extra large tyre profile that enables the user to move the wheelbarrow with ease though all types of surfaces and metal spoke disc rims for safety reasons. Bi-Material Handle grips with an easy soft grip and comfort.

Name EAN Code Tray Wheels Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
COLOSSUS 5013779001586 300L Pneumatic 1500 910 920