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tracto one


Available from 01/05/2016

Wheelbarrow/trailer that can be easily attached to any kind of vehicle. Ideal for the carriage and transport of large bulky loads.

The shock proof polypropylene tray is easy to clean and does not rust with a huge 300 Ltr capacity in a powerful black colour. 

Equipped with two large diameter pneumatic tyres that give a perfect balance and make the carriage effortless. The user is not carrying any weight thanks to the twin pneumatic tyres that support all the weight of the load.

The Cushion pram style handle grip offers extra comfort and one hand manoeuvrability.

Not suitable for road use.

Name EAN Code Tray Wheels Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Tracto One 306060301 300 Ltr 400 × 8 Pneumatic 1352 908 838